Install Antlisting Enterprise Version: Multi-PC with Shared-Database

  • Step 1:You need one computer to be server.
  • Step 2: You prepare your server PC (Installed windows2003).
  • Step 3: Get Microsoft Sql Server 2000 or 2005,and install it to your server PC.
  • Step 4: Download Antlister's Database ,and extract to your sever PC disk.
  • Step 5: Attach the database file ebaydb_Data.MDF to sql server 2000.
  • Step 6: Download the antlisting program from ,and install it in your LAN Client PC.
  • Step 7: Open c:\program files\antlistingMis\antconfig.ini, and edit it's [DB] section:(like this)
  • ;;;;-------------------------------------------

    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Server is your server pc name
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Database is ebaydb
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;userid is your sql server2000 username ,for example sa.
    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Password is you sql server password

  • Step 8: Finished All. then Run Antlisting Program.
  • Step 9: Repeat Steps 6-8 on other LAN Client PC, to Install antlisting program to other PC.
  • Step 10: Done OK!!
  • Step 11: Open Software---Menu----Help---Update Online.
  • Now you can operate the Antlisting in any LAN PC,and the data will be stored in your server,And you can visit the data from any LAN PC.

    (If you do not know what is Sql Server,Please Search Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000 in
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